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Insulation system

  • 2017-02-23 09:34:45
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Exterior wall rock wool board shall implement the standard for rock wool insulation wall with 25975-2010 building GB T.

Rock wool board is basalt and other natural ore as the main raw material, by high temperature melting into the fiber, adding proper amount of binder, curing processing and material, widely used in shipbuilding, metallurgy, electric power, construction and other industries, has a good effect of heat insulation, sound insulation. The utility model has the advantages of convenient installation and construction, obvious energy saving effect and high performance price ratio. Rock wool board is a new type of insulation, sound-absorbing material, burning partition. And hate water rock wool insulation board added to the water repellent additive in the production of marine, has good moisture resistance. The thermal insulation and fire partition for marine rock wool board; hydrophobic rock wool board for vehicles, mobile equipment, cold storage engineering, air conditioning duct and insulation in wet conditions in the fire and to moistureproof requires some applications. Construction of rock wool board has good fire prevention, insulation and sound absorption performance. It is mainly used for building wall, roof insulation sound insulation; building partition wall, fire wall, fire door and elevator shaft of fire and noise reduction.

1, appearance quality: smooth surface, without any obstruction, scar stains practical damage.

2, combustion performance: non combustible.

3, the heat load of shrinkage temperature: 643 degrees.

4, moisture absorption: 3.9%.

5, organic content: 2.9%.

Fire prevention: the surface material and thermal insulation material of color composite sandwich panel are non combustible materials, which can completely meet the requirements of fire protection specification.

Durability: various research shows, and abroad for more than 40 years that is widely used, with special coating color steel shelf life in 10-15 years, every 10 years after spraying coatings, sheet life up to 35 years.

Appearance: clear lines of pressure plate up to dozens of kinds of color, can be matched with any style building needs, to achieve satisfactory results.

High strength: the use of high-strength steel plate as the base material (tensile strength 5600KG/CM) coupled with the most advanced design and roll forming, with excellent structural characteristics.

Insulation: insulation material of the composite plate commonly used are: rock wool, glass fiber, polyethylene and polyurethane, low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation effect.