About us

Langfang Xiangda insulation material limited company adheres to its motto: "quality first, service first." Our primary entrepreneurial purpose is providing high-quality, standardized rockwool board for all construction projects—big and small. Our rockwool board is environmentally friendly, energy efficient, safe, and its quality standard is respected by all material manufacturers and suppliers in our local regions.

  • Rock wool

    Rock wool production idea originated from Hawaii. After the eruption of the volcano, residents of the island of Hawaii on the ground found a wisp of melted rock, rock texture is relatively soft. They think it's their Pele (Madame) hair. Volcano goddess (Madame Pele) irascible


  •         Langfang Xiangda thermal insulation material Co., Ltd is a Sino German cooperation is committed to become a professional fire world-class R & D,
    production and sales as one of the rock wool insulation products production and suppliers.
  • 廊坊翔达保温材料有限公司